A branding agency
on a mission to design
a better future.
783 million people
do not have access
to clean water
With each service you invest in
we’ll give drinking water
to those in need

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Welcome to onlyonedezign – the brand hero’s you can rely on for beautiful design and impactful outcomes.

As designers we worry about the fine details of things, so you don’t have to. Design is the point where people and things can interact, but our reason for doing what we’re doing is to design a better future. Design let’s our relationships become more thoughtful, wiser, deeper and better considered. Every single design decision has impact in the world. We develop ourselves and others when we take unorganised matter into our hands and mould it into something of beauty.

But we want to take that a step further by creating a greater spirit of sharing, and connect more directly to human needs; always asking ourselves “Whose world can we enhance?”. So while we’re helping you bloom in business, we’ll be making a difference to someone else. As an example, in exchange for doing corporate identity in Los Angeles, we’ll give clean water to someone in Africa, giving them a chance to flourish and create too.

Shifting conversations from problem to solution is a flow on effect we can create across the world - together.

do good things together

It’s also important to note that whilst said muses are very cool and exciting, at the core of everything we do is some serious research. We believe great design stems from deep cultural and psychological understanding. It is not just visual; it appeals to all senses and creates chemistry.

And if creating that spark for your audience isn’t enough, how about the reality of never having to worry about artwork deadlines, expensive software and hiring tech specialists again? We’re super efficient at providing high quality creative services and also offer a range of project specific, monthly or yearly support options.

Through our enhanced visual communications we can create harmony across all your brand touch-points, and design a better future together.

the planet
We believe in enhancing environmental conditions and opt for 100% paperless dealings. And when it comes to printing and packaging materials, to reduce our paper and plastic consumption we only advocate recycled post-consumer materials.
the people
As a branding and socially oriented company we influence the world around us. We embrace this responsibility and conscientiously design all our projects. This means we don’t work with alcohol, tobacco, drug and chemical production companies, or any other organizations that inhibit life improvement.
the animals
Like people and the environment, there’s a special place in our hearts for our furry friends. Animals are curious and intelligent and deserve a life of freedom too. So we don’t work with meat producers or any organizations that treat animals like products rather than life.
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